ADECCO is a world leader in providing comprehensive solutions in the field of human resources management.

The central idea of our long-term business strategy is: "A better job, a better life". "We inspire both individuals and companies to work more effectively and we create better job opportunities, so that every party involved could benefit from the mutual cooperation. As a leading company in providing personal services - a field directly impacting millions of people every year - we know what our task is."

 For our clients we are the partners meeting the attributes of a full-fledged provider of comprehensive services in the field of human resources management. We provide flexible and tailored solutions within the wide range of clients' expectations, ranging from operative processes to strategies and their implementation in terms of client environment. As a partner, we are always close, delivering fast, flexible and competent solutions of employees' as well as employers’ needs, using our know-how, skills and technologies at a guaranteed level of quality. We help our clients achieve their objectives using effective targeted and implemented personnel policies.

The application of our fundamental value principles is our commitment. The principles are self-evident for us, as well as running the business in compliance with current legislation and the Company Code of Ethics applied in day to day practice.

 The fundamental pillars of our quality management system are:

  • ndividual and competent client-oriented approach to the creation, adaptation and implementation of the solutions meeting our clients' (candidates' and business partners') expectations ,
  • implementation of simple and effective solutions applicable in the client environment without reservations, in line with the principles and internal policy of a client,
  • adapting our internal processes to the changing conditions of business environment,
  • providing continuous development and training of our employees,
  • transparent communication with our employees, as well as the members of external environment, including candidates, business partners, institutions and the public,
  • participation of our employees in fulfilling our commitments to candidates, clients, institutions and the public,
  • evaluation of measurable qualitative indicators and providing feedback to the parties involved,
  •  providing the resources and technical as well as technological background necessary for fulfilling the obligations arising from our quality policy,
  • analysing and implementing the measures leading to continuous improvement and making our processes and daily work more effective, in order to shift the quality level of the services provided even further.

To achieve our fundamental principles, pillars of the company, and to deliver on our objectives, we commit ourselves to comply with the requirements and perpetually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.