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Can I apply for multiple positions?

There is no limit on number of vacancies a candidate can apply for. Just make sure your profile is corresponding with the requirements stated in the advertisement, and state the name of the position you apply for in the subject. As well in case you have already passed a personal interview in Adecco Slovakia and have your dedicated consultant, feel free to contact him / her directly to discuss multiple options by our clients.

I have already applied in the past for a vacancy, do I have to send my CV again?

If you have your personal consultant you can approach him / her directly and discuss new opportunities. In case you were not successful and were not contacted from us, please send us your updated CV again so we can evaluate your profile and include you in the selection process.

I have send my CV in the past, will I be in your database and contacted with new opportunities?

In case you have agreed and registered in our database on our webpage we will contact you with possible new opportunities. In case you didn´t registered and you have only send your CV to a particular position we are not allowed to store your details, and therefore you will not be contacted with other opportunities.

I applied for a vacancy advertised on www.adecco.sk, when can I expect I will be contacted?

All applications are carefully review by our team. Successful candidates are contacted within 5 working days. I have additional questions to the position advertised on www.adecco.sk.

How can I gain more information?

You can find out more details about the position via e-mail send directly to the recruiter who is advertising the position name.surname@adecco.com, or call our office responsible for the position http://www.adecco.sk/contacts or dial our free number: 0800 800 246. Our colleagues are happy to help.

Can I visit an Adecco branch personally and gain more information?

You can visit any of our branches personally, but we recommend you to make an appointment prior to your visit so the person you need to talk to is available at the time of your visit.

What is the recruitment process in Adecco?

The recruitment process varies from position to position, but some steps are given:

  • pre-selection of suitable candidates from database and incoming reactions
  • phone pre-screening
  • invitation to personal interview

Next steps are based on the specific of the position / client requirements.

What fee do I have to pay if I find a job thru your agency?

Adecco Slovakia is not charging any fees to the candidates; the remuneration is purely solved between Adecco Slovakia and the client company and has no impact on candidate’s salary / remuneration package.

How do I prepare for the interview in your agency?

We advise you to go thru the details of the job offer and that you prepare questions you could have, so you can gain a full picture and make your decision.

What is temporary help service?

Temporary help service, offered by Adecco Slovakia represents temporary positions ( which can last from one day, one month up to a year), where candidate is employed by Adecco Slovakia and is assigned for work to the hosting company. This service is often used by employers with seasonal or varying intensity of production workload. The employee gains work experience and the possibility to become a permanent employee of the company.

How can I find out the salary offered on a certain position?

Salary conditions are disclosed in the final stage of the recruitment process, when candidate is offered with the position.

I´m not a Slovak citizen, can I apply for a position?

A foreigner can work in Slovakia only if he/she fulfills the legal requirements (valid working permit) given by Slovakian law. If you own a valid working permit you can apply for any of the roles Adecco Slovakia offers.

Do I have to include a photo if I apply for a position?

If the job offer is not explicitly requesting a picture, it is up to your decision if you attach one or not. In general we do not recommend including a picture.

Can I expect a feedback from you, either positive or negative?

Employees of Adecco Slovakia, which are part of the recruitment process, will try to provide you with either positive or negative feedback. In case you will not be informed within 10 working days from the interview, please don´t hesitate to contact your consultant directly.